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LA County Seal

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zebra moray

The Zebra Moray

Currently on display at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the Zebra Moray is as mean as it looks. In fact, if given the opportunity it will eat small children whole.

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(use of superscripts; sup) The following is a guide to some of the courses that I've taken at UCLA and my rating of these courses 1. I'll be updating this list as I progress through the program 2 so please keep checking back.

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courses taken my rating
epi 200 okay
epi 201a barely okay
epi 201b we'll see
epi 226 so far so good
epi 414 fabulous :-)

1 (use of underline; u) Disclaimer: this is based entirely on personal opinion, except for the rating for Epi 414 which is based on absolute truth.

2I just started the program in the fall so there definitly will be more to come.

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